Subaru Sequential Gearbox STI 6 speed

The gearbox has integrated an ultra lightweight aircraft grade aluminium CNC plate section that holds the new sequential mechanism and shafts.

Complete also with upgraded high strength gears and shafts, billet selector forks and billet selector rods.

Using the standard Subaru gearbox housing, the sequential kit is designed for the racer looking to have a quick shift sequential gearbox and keeping budget in mind. Kit is supplied in assembly position for easy installation into the gearbox. No modification required!

Fast facts
  • Gearbox type: 6 speed full sequential gearbox
  • Gear shift layout: R-N-1-2-3-4-5-6-R-N-1-2...
  • R4 Kit Weight: 29kgs
  • Total gearbox weight: 76kgs (10.5kilos lighter than a standard 6 speed STI gearbox)
  • Maximum torque: 800NM
  • Tooth profile: Straight cut
  • Shift performance: 40 - 50 milliseconds