Faster with Czech gearboxes from X Shift Gearboxes and Toyota Gazoo Racing

7-speed gearbox for Toyota Yaris GR (Gazoo Racing)

In 2021 in Germany Cologne, as the Czech manufacturer of X Shift Gearboxes, we introduced a 7-speed gearbox for the Toyota Yaris GR (Gazoo Racing) as the first in the world. Precision workmanship, fast shifting, easy maintenance, and unrivalled durability. What sets our gearbox apart from the competition and why is it a must-have for the Yaris GR?

Ease of fitment and inspection

The Yaris GR (Gazoo Racing) X Shift Sequential gearbox is a fully-fledged replacement for the OEM gearbox, utilizing the direct fitment of many of the OEM components such as:

  • clutch and flywheel
  • starter motor
  • gearbox mounts
  • driveshafts

This advantage eliminates the expense of purchasing expensive parts. Financial savings, quick and easy fitment of the sequential gearbox is our advantage. We strive to adapt to the wishes of our customers, which is why we are constantly innovating gearboxes and finding design options that cannot be found elsewhere.

Outstanding technology and compactness

Our dogring technology and 7-speed gearbox design for Yaris GR Sport (Gazoo Racing) models allows for the most precise, refined and fastest shifting on the market. The compact 7-speed gearbox fits into a gearcase that is typically the size of an original 6-speed gearbox, thanks to the gearing arrangement on the shafts. The maximum width of the gears is 25 mm, which is almost double the size of the stock Toyota Yaris GR gears.

Innovative gearbox concept

At X Shift Gearboxes, we and our engineers designed an aluminium inspection cover located at the front of the bellhousing allowing easy inspection of the gear shifting mechanism without the need for disassembly of the gearbox. This design makes our gearboxes completely unique in the market.

Why choose a 7-speed gearbox for Toyota Yaris Gazoo Racing?

The stock Toyota Yaris GR has inadequate transfer case lubrication, but we offer a solution that eliminates the deficiency. At X Shift Gearboxes, we have developed a solution that uses a powerful lubrication pump to provide oil to the gearbox as well as the transfer case, increasing its durability and longevity.

With a gearbox from X Shift Gearboxes, you will push the limits of your car to a professional level where you will be unrivalled.

We will be happy to answer questions, send you technical specifications and advise you on the right choice. Feel free to call us on +420 724 364 670 or email us at We are a Czech manufacturer of X Shift Gearboxes.

Toyota Yaris GR (Gazoo Racing) 7-speed gearbox

Toyota Yaris GR (Gazoo Racing) 7-speed gearbox

Toyota Yaris GR (Gazoo Racing) gearbox

Toyota Yaris GR (Gazoo Racing) gearbox

Toyota Yaris GR (Gazoo Racing) gearbox inside

Toyota Yaris GR (Gazoo Racing) gearbox inside