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 SINCE 1999

The pathway to the X Shift brand was preceded by a relatively long and winding history, which was permanently straightened out a few years ago.

The brand emergence

1999 was a year in which František Macho, owner of X Shift Gearboxes, entered the racing industry to enrich it with his years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering. Beginnings are never easy, but the lack of racing gearboxes at that time was forcing drivers and race teams to seek out skilled engineers and machinists, who could design and manufacture gearboxes or differentials to their race cars, that would meet their high requirements on quality, shifting speed with accuracy and endurance. After three years of designing and producing racing gearboxes for customers who were coming with their inquiries more and more frequently, the association “František Macho KAPS Transmissions” was established by 2 companions. The brand was continuously developing and ultimately achieved worldwide success.

Development of the brand

Later, in 2012, František Macho formed the company CNC MACHO s.r.o. to manufacture Subaru, Mitsubishi, Porsche and Nissan gearboxes for the “František Macho KAPS Transmissions” association, so that production could be under František Macho´s control as he has always been leading the production and technological processes but up until then parts had been produced by cooperating companies. Since 2012, all parts have been manufactured by CNC MACHO s.r.o. After the first time the company´s management thundered briefly and the other companion had decided to leave the association, KAPS Transmissions CZ s.r.o. was then established of which František Macho is 50 % co-owner and everything was indicating a better future. The company CNC MACHO s.r.o. continued to produce gearboxes also for KAPS Transmissions CZ s.r.o. until 2018. Eventually, the companions did not reach consensus in future direction of the company, therefore each of them went their separate ways.


The KAPS Transmissions brand has been declining due to the dispute. As František Macho was the one taking care of the production and development, he didn´t want to say goodbye to his dream work. Therefore, he established his own trademark X Shift Gearboxes, and started to focus only on his production company and trademark X Shift Gearboxes. X Shift Gearboxes continues in production and sale of identical products which used to be produced in past for seller KAPS Transmissions CZ s.r.o. and also in development of new and upgraded products.

Over the last years, X Shift has grown and achieved many successes. As examples can be mentioned design of Subaru +Plus (2018) sequential gearbox, Mitsubishi EVO STRONG (2019) sequential gearbox and some other products. As a huge progress we consider overall grow of the company in terms of new machines and highly qualified employees to be able to cover higher production requirements. A huge benefit is that the company was lucky to have motorsport enthusiasts among all employees. This all allows us to cover high requirements on production and quality. Hundreds of racers run our gearboxes all around the world. We are successful in increasing production capacities by 20% annually which currently makes production of tens of gearboxes monthly.

Last but not least we should mention an important milestone we achieved in the Czech Republic. We are extremely proud to be the first supplier of sequential gearboxes to PROTO cars in the Czech Republic and to run own X Shift Racing Team.

We always work hard to improve and develop as much as possible and continue to design some cool products.

František Macho’s years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering and in producing the highest quality gearboxes are more than apparent in all of our work and in each and every product that we produce.