Are billet casings really better than cast casings?

Are billet casings really better than cast casings? There are a lot of myths and half-truths around the comparison of billet and casted parts. In the following lines we will therefore compare the advantages and disadvantages of both methods and their suitability for the gearbox parts in question. ✅


X Shift Gearboxes at Barum Czech Rally Zlín 2023

The 52nd Barum Czech Rally Zlín is over, and you could s the stand with our products X Shift Gearboxes in the service area. On very hot days, which were difficult for crews and Teams, and also for visitors, there were many interesting to see. The start list was full of famous driver‘s names from the Czech and European scene. ✅


Why choose X Shift Gearboxes over the competition?

Why choose us over the competition? There are many reasons why we are the leader in 5/6/7 speed sequential gearboxes and when you look deeper into the product you can see why. ✅ Ability to fit aftermarket dual plated clutch! Dont get caught out! If you are increasing HP in the Yaris (who doesnt!!), there will come a time where you must install a dual plate clutch and X Shift Performance lubrication system.Our gearbox is prepared to accept this necessary modification.


X Shift Gearboxes at BOHEMIA RALLY 2023

The beginning of the holiday season near Mladá Boleslav was in the name of the legendary Bohemia Rally 2023. This 50th anniversary year was spiced up with two Toyota GR Yaris cars with sequential gearbox from X SHIFT Gearboxes, driven by race drivers Karel Macek and Tomas Enge. The tropical weather forecast promised the most agile drives and a test of the durability of the racing equipment. ✅


X Shift Gearboxes on the GR Yaris Rally Cup Italy

The last weekend in June was rounded off with our team visiting the mountain rally in San Martino di Castrozza (Italy), where we were invited by T-racing. This team is the promoter of the GR Yaris Cup category in Italy, which runs under the guaranty of Gazoo Racing Italy. The race was the third of six events to be run in this category in 2023. The entire GR Yaris Cup has been running in Italy for the third year. ✅


New era of racing cars

Nowadays, few expected that a car could appear on the market that would come close to the iconic Mitsubishi Evo or Subaru STI. But in 2020, the TOYOTA GR Yaris came on the market. This car, which was created under the leadership of GAZOO RACING, greatly exceeded its expectations. It is designed for normal roads, with the intention of easily converting it into a rally special. The potential of the car is huge and it has not escaped the attention of many interested parties. ✅


X Shift at Legends 2023 in Prague

X Shift at Legends 2023 in Prague! The company X Shift Gearboxes participated in the prestigious and largest motoring festival in the Czech Republic. ✅


Toyota Yaris CUP

Toyota Yaris CUP Promoter X Shift Gearboxes in cooperation with Toyota Czech Republic opened the official Toyota Yaris CUP cup series at the first race, which is part of the Czech Rally Championship and was started at the beginning of April as part of the Wallachian Rally. ✅


EMOTIONS with Toyota GR Yaris Street package

We have done the precise work in your GR for you! We have just prepared an EXTRA package for you to use a five-, six- or seven-speed gearbox in the street Toyota GR Yaris sport. ✅ Our "Package STREET KIT" contains all the necessary parts so you don't have to cut, weld or make any modifications to fit the sequential gearbox and lever to your car.


X Shift Gearboxes at Professional MotorSport World 2022

We are the Czech manufacturer of sequential gearboxes X Shift Gearboxes and it's been a year since we introduced the 5, 6 and 7 speed gearbox for Toyota Yaris GR (Gazoo Racing) as the first in the world at the Professional MotorSport World Expo in Cologne in Germany. ✅