X Shift Gearboxes at Professional MotorSport World 2022

We are the Czech manufacturer of sequential gearboxes X Shift Gearboxes and it's been a year since we introduced the 5, 6 and 7 speed gearbox for Toyota Yaris GR (Gazoo Racing) as the first in the world at the Professional MotorSport World Expo in Cologne in Germany ✅


Faster with Czech gearboxes from X Shift Gearboxes and Toyota Gazoo Racing

In 2021 in Germany Cologne, as the Czech manufacturer of X Shift Gearboxes, we introduced a 7-speed gearbox for the Toyota Yaris GR (Gazoo Racing) as the first in the world. Precision workmanship, fast shifting, easy maintenance, and unrivalled durability. What sets our gearbox apart from the competition and why is it a must-have for the Yaris GR? ✅


Cooperation with Esko Reiners Motorsport

We cooperate with Esko Reiners Motorsport ✅ We are a part and partner of ERM events where drivers can try out rally specials like Ford Fiesta Proto ✅


Cooperation with Evolve Motorsport

We cooperate with Evolve Motorsport and supply them with gearboxes for the racing cars Fabia, Fiesta and Polo Evolve since 2018 ✅



In the very beginning of 2018 the company X Shift gearboxes was moved into the new workshop in Chropyne


The Living Engine - Millers Oils

This is this years stunning visual effects blockbuster in the lubricant advertising industry. Highlighting the difference a little nanotechnology can make to the performance of your engine. This is the difference between Millers Oils and the rest