Subaru STI DOBOX KIT 6 speed

Subaru dog box kits for racing purposes! 


  • Available with several gear ratio options
  • Strong H pattern, costs saving solution for racing cars
  • Smooth and fast shifting
  • Easy replacement of original kit

In the kit are shafts fitted with all gears, hubs, bearings, all selector rods and selector forks and all other shifting mechanism parts. No stock shifting mechanism is used because with our kits is supplied complete shifting mechanism which is much more reliable and stronger than in stock gearboxes.


All parts are made of billet steel, refined and hardened which ensures their strength.

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Speed Graphs

Subaru C1 = 215,5 km/h at 6500 rpm
Subaru C2 = 243 km/h at 6500 rpm
Subaru C4 = 243km/h at 6500rpm
Subaru C5 = 318km/h at 6500rpm

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