Subaru STI sequential gearbox +PLUS HELICAL 6 speed

World's #1 in the fastest and softest shifting on the market since 2018.

World's #1 in the fastest and softest shifting on the market since 2018.

The fastest and strongest the full sequential gearbox Subaru on the market. 

Rated to 1200 Nm engine torque. 

The full sequential gearbox kit Subaru + PLUS HELICAL  has integrated an ultra lightweight aircraft grade aluminium CNC plate section that holds the  fastest sequential mechanism with the softest  shifting, the strongest shafts, forks and gears on the market.

Complete also with upgraded high performance gears and shafts, billet selector forks and billet selector rods made of the highest quality steel

All parts are REM isotropic superfinished.

Using the standard Subaru STI 6 speed gearbox housing, the sequential kit is designed for the racer looking to have the fastest shifting sequential gearbox and keeping budget in mind. Kit is supplied in assembly position for easy installation into the gearbox. 

Fast facts
  • Gearbox type: 6 speed full sequential gearbox
  • Gear shift layout: R-N-1-2-3-4-5-6-R-N-1-2...
  • Kit Weight: 28,5kgs
  • Total gearbox weight: 79,5 kgs (5,5 kilos lighter than a standard 6 speed STI gearbox)
  • Maximum torque: 1 200 Nm
  • Tooth profile: Helical cut
  • Fastest and Softest Shift performance: 30 - 40 milliseconds 

 Kit includes

  • Complete the softest sequential mechanism on the market, fitted in the aluminium plate
  • The strongest Input Shaft
  • The strongest Output Shaft
  • CNC Aluminium front plate case
  • 1st - 6th Gears with the strongest dog rings
  • Only one Selector rod for all selector forks
  • The strongest Selector forks
  • Shifting roller
  • Gear indication sensor
  • The newest Led Display Indicator
  • Complete bearing and needle roller bearing set

We offer LIMITED editions of Subaru +PLUS for discounted price in a package together with sequential gear lever, programmable LED display and professional wiring harness loom


Complete, ready to install gearboxes

We at X Shift offer installation of sequential gear kits into your original gearboxes. The service includes cleaning and inspection of all parts, differential adjustment, setting teeth clearance of final drive and installation of the sequential kit.




Last but not least we offer renovation of old gearboxes and possible replacement of OEM parts.

All parts produced for our performance parts and gear kits are manufactured on CNC machines to ensure the precision detail required for race gearboxes.

We are keeping all spare parts of race gearboxes in our stock.

The Detail of The Parts

The Detail of The Parts

The Detail of The Parts

The Detail of The Parts

The Detail of The Parts

The Detail of The Parts

 It is designed with the optimized ratio for increased acceleration performance! 



1. 2.90

2. 2.00

3. 1.50

4. 1.18

5. 0.95

6. 0.80

Speed Graph

Subaru +PLUS HELICAL = 275 km/h at 7000 rpm

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