Mitsubishi EVO 5 Speed Sequential Gearbox



Pay attention!

By the end of 2019 we can finally share great new with you all. X Shift releases new delicacy - the strongest sequential gearbox for Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 4-9 and X on the world!

This long term project has been finished and tested, now is available for EVOs with torque up to 1400Nm!

This 5 speed sequential gearbox is offered with variety of final drive ratios suitable for many types of racing, for example drag race, time attack and others.

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  •  5 speed
  • variety of final drive ratios
  • torque rating 1200Nm, can be strengthened up to 1400Nm
  • either sequential kit or complete, ready to install gearbox
  • All parts including shifting mechanism parts and selector forks are made of the highest quality billet steel
  • REM isotropic supersfinished all parts

Gear ratios and final drive ratios

F.D. 12/59 = 237,4 km/h at 8000 rpm
F.D. 12/57 = 245,7 km/h at 8000 rpm
F.D. 13/56 = 270,9 km/h at 8000 rpm
F.D. 12/48 = 291,8 km/h at 8000 rpm
F.D. 14/54 = 302,6 km/h at 8000 rpm