Subaru R4 PRO

Subaru R4 PRO Gearbox

Subaru R4 PRO Gearbox

The best version of the legendary R4+ sequential gearbox is here!

The experience gained from previous years and the +PLUS version of the sequential gearbox allowed the X SHIFT design team to make the best R4+ gearbox on the market! The improved version is the result of many years of testing and development by our company, backed by the experience and engineering expertise not only of our designers, but also by the feedback of hundreds of our satisfied customers.

Company philosophy of never-ending product improvements

Now, the R4+ gearbox is celebrating 15 years on the market. In that time, however, technology and manufacturing capabilities have changed, PC simulations and numerical methods have advanced. Increasing requirements from customers for reliability and the trend continually increasing Subaru engine performance have presented our engineers with a hard challenge: To improve the R4 to match the latest trends and keep pace with our company's highest standards. It's been done, and the X SHIFT can boast the best sequential gearboxes for Subaru anywhere in the world.

Improved shifting system, many gear ratio options and high reliability

The many impressive new features of the R4 PRO version include a top of the range shifting mechanism based on the +PLUS version, stronger dog rings with modified dog geometry ensure a perfect wheel-to-shaft connection, and reinforced shift forks ensure fast and precise shifting. For the most precise applications, the Variohm dual-channel shift sensor is also an option.

The original 6 original gear ratios (C1-C4; MR1 and MR2) are available and can now be combined not only with each other but also with the +PLUS gears (short, long, xlong). Almost any gear ratio can be tailored for your car. The torque capacity of the engine remains unchanged (up to 1000 Nm), but reliability, durability and shifting speed have been dramatically increased.

For whom is the gearbox designed?

The new version of the R4 PRO sequential gearbox is the ideal solution for cars that achieve lower performance but require high reliability and durability. Thanks to production optimisation, we have also managed to keep the selling price very similar and shorten delivery times. All the accessories we offer for Subaru are compatible with the R4 PRO version: LSD front differential with adjustable preload, DCCD differential carbon plates, transfer case gear kits, RWD spools and other.

And if the R4 PRO version is not enough for the customer, there is a +PLUS version designed for the most extreme engine performance and the most extreme racing disciplines.