Mitsubishi EVO X sequential gearbox STRONG 5 speed



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By the end of 2019 we can finally share great new with you all. X Shift releases new delicacy - the strongest sequential gearbox for Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IV-IX and X on the world!

This long term project has been finished and tested, now is available for EVOs with torque up to 1400Nm!

This 5 speed sequential gearbox is offered with variety of final drive ratios suitable for many types of racing, for example drag race, time attack and others.

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  • 5 speed
  • variety of final drive ratios
  • torque rating 1200Nm, can be strengthened up to 1400Nm
  • either sequential kit or complete, ready to install gearbox
  • All parts including shifting mechanism parts and selector forks are made of the highest quality billet steel
  • REM isotropic supersfinished all parts


The Strongest Mitsubishi EVO Sequential Gearbox in the world with the fastest shifting


Our new Mitsubishi EVO STRONG sequential gearbox is a perfect solution for very strong EVOs with high torque running for example drag race, time attack or other circuit racing but also other disciplines. It has the strongest shafts, gears, hubs and dog rings whose geometry is upgraded a lot as well as the shifting mechanism. Because all parts are stronger, the gearbox must be 5 speed. Standard torque rating of this gearbox is 1200Nm. This value can be even increased thanks to the option we offer – to make custom input shaft for bigger and stronger clutch – this would increase the torque rating up to 1400Nm!


Our Mitsubishi EVO X gearbox contains internal oil pump, therefore it lubricates perfectly, which increases life span of the gearbox. It has also possibility to easily add additional cooler when inlet and outlet hoses are disassembled. Last but not least our gearbox has preparation for connection of hydraulic shifting hoses, if customer wants. We also have the fastest shifting on the market thanks to precious shifting system, so when you shift, the delay is the shortest compared to other gearboxes. Our kits contain middle and rear casings and gearbox mount bushing holder. 

All shifting forks and shifting mechanism parts are made of billet steel and specially heat treated, which ensures their strength. All parts are REM superfinished.

Complete, ready to install gearboxes

X Shift offers either a gear kit or a complete ready to install gearbox - with this option you can avoid any stress and worries when assembling and save time.








Using the OEM parts that we or customer can supply we make complete gearboxes as a direct replacement of stock gearbox for EVO IV-IX and EVO X.

Gear and final drive ratios

1. 2.33 / 3.00

2. 1.64 / 2.00

3. 1.25 / 1.47

4. 1.00 / 1.14

5. 0.83 / 0.89

Final drives 4.92 / 4.75 / 4.31 / 4.00 / 3.86

Speed graphs

F.D. 12/59 = 237,4 km/h at 8000 rpm
F.D. 12/57 = 245,7 km/h at 8000 rpm
F.D. 13/56 = 270,9 km/h at 8000 rpm
F.D. 12/48 = 291,8 km/h at 8000 rpm
F.D. 14/54 = 302,6 km/h at 8000 rpm
SHDN F.D. 12/59 = 223 km/h at 8000rpm
SHDN F.D. 12/57 = 231 km/h at 8000rpm
SHDN F.D. 12/48 = 274,5km/h at 8000rpm
SHDN F.D. 14/54 = 285km/h at 8000rpm
STRONG-N 12/48 = 240 km/h at 7000 rpm
STRONG 12/48 = 257 km/h at 7000 rpm
STRONG-N 12/57 = 202 km/h at 7000 rpm
STRONG 12/57 = 216 km/h at 7000 rpm
STRONG-N 12/59 = 195 km/h at 7000 rpm
STRONG 12/59 = 209 km/h at 7000 rpm
STRONG-N 13/56 = 223 km/h at 7000 rpm
STRONG 13/56 = 239 km/h at 7000 rpm
STRONG-N 14/54 = 249 km/h at 7000 rpm
STRONG 14/54 = 267 km/h at 7000 rpm

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