Universal Sequential Gearboxes 5/6 speed

New AWD/RWD gearbox for mid engined applications

New unique sequential gearbox suitable for any longitudinal mid engine applications. The gearbox can be used for all wheel drive cars as well as for rear wheel drive cars.

  • Any input shaft can be designed
  • Clutch housing is used original or is custom-made
  • All casings machined from billet aircraft grade aluminium, ensuring lightness and strength
  • 5 speed or 6 speed version

AWD/RWD/FWD universal TRANSAXLE sequential gearbox

This gearbox is suitable for all AWD, FWD and also RWD cars, with longitudinally located gearbox.

There is a possibility to supply with center differential

Clutch housing is used original or is made custom

Other casings are machined from aircraft grade aluminium

This gearbox has the fastest and comfortable shifting mechanism, strong gears, dog rings, forks ... and many options of gear ratios.


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