Universal Sequential Gearboxes 5/6 speed

New AWD/RWD gearbox for mid engined applications

New unique sequential gearbox suitable for any longitudinal mid engine applications. The gearbox can be used for all wheel drive cars as well as for rear wheel drive cars.

  • Any input shaft can be designed
  • Any bell housing options
  • All casings machined from billet aircraft grade aluminium, ensuring lightness and strength
  • 5 speed or 6 speed version


  • Complete Sequential Mechanism with dog engagement
  • Main rear casing
  • Final Drive
  • lnput and Output Shafts
  • Gears 1 st-6th with dog rings
  • Shilting Forks
  • Shifting Rods
  • Complete Bearing and Needle Bearing set
  • lnternal Oil Pump with lnlet/Outlet
  • Hydraulic lnlet/Outlet
  • Gear Position lndicator Sensor
  • lnternal hydraulic Shifting Piston optional for requestin

The fastest and softest shifting by UNIVERSAL +Plus gearbox on the market 

The sequential Universal +PLUS gearbox  has integrated an ultra lightweight aircraft grade aluminium CNC billet section that holds the fastest sequential mechanism with the softest  shifting, the strongest shafts, forks and gears on the market.

Complete also with upgraded high performance gears and shafts, billet selector forks and billet selector rods.

It is designed with the optimized ratio for increased accelleration performance! 

Using the standard bellhousing, the sequential kit is designed for the racer looking to have the fastest shift sequential gearbox and keeping budget in mind. Kit is supplied in assembly position for easy installation into the gearbox. No modification required!